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BMW K1600GTL Luggage Rack Mount with Tank, Deck, and Luggage Option.

Yamaha FJR Gen2 Tank with Deck.

BMW R1200RT Luggage Rack Mount (LRM) with Tank, Deck, and Luggage Option.

Custom Build for an R1100RT

BMW R1200GSA Water Coolded Luggage Rack Mount with Tank, Deck, and Luggage Option.

Gas Saving Expansion Tank (GSET)

A client requested a catch tank for overflow. His concept was to trap the overflow in a catch tank, which would siphon back into the auxiliary tank when it drained. Recovering this previously lost gasoline could yield as much as $1.00 per fillup. For a long distance rider this could quickly pay for the system.

He had a great idea and we have incorporated into our product line as the Gas Saving Expansion Tank (GSET).

Luggage Tie Down System

We are now offering luggage tie down option using the popular L-track (also sometimes called logistic track or airline track due to its popularity in the airline industry). At the time of build we can install the L-track to the tank. This can give you a variety of mounting options.


L-Track Tie Down Option

Optional L-Track Tie Down Points

Several clients have asked about tie down points. With a bit of homework we think we've come up with an optimal solution, the L-Track system. These components are readily available and reasonably priced.
This is the L-Track.
It accommodates a variety of tie downs that snap in place. Shown is a 2" long L-Track segment. This is the recommended length since it will accommodate both single and double tie downs. Any length is available if you want to extend your tie down options. This sample is bolted in place for demo purposes. We would weld these to the tank at specified locations.